Visitors Diary

ACD is a very innovative initiative in Indian agriculture. I believe agricultural students of a remote area like me will get benefited from this institute. – Ajit, IFS, Govt of India.

​It’s a landmarking in Indian agricultural history. Definitely, it will contribute India to search for real agricultural talents. Wish you all the best….  – R S Maitry, Scientist, Author.

​It's great beginning in Indian agriculture. ACD will help to search for real talents from all remote areas. - Dr. Deepak Gupta, ARS, Scientist, ICAR


​I will surely visit this innovation. I had struggled during my admission in India. - Dr. Meysam, Head, WSED, Iran

​When I reach Delhi, I will defiantly visit the institution, I hope it will give a good contribution in search. - Bharat Singh Hada, IFS, Govt of India

​Good start! I will visit to bless the institute. - Dr. S.L Jat, Scientist, IIMR

​Great initiative. Best of luck. - Raj Kumar, Scientist, CRIDA


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