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Demo Test (Click here)

Test for ICAR AIEEA UG Exams

  1. ICAR UG-Biology-Previous Year Original Que with official key (Click here)
  2. ICAR UG-Agriculture-Prev Year Original Qs. with Official Key (Click here)
  3. ICAR UG Physics-Prev.  Year Original Ques. (+Official key) (Click here)
  4. ICAR UG Chemistry-Prev.  Year Original Ques. (+Official key) (Click here)
  5. ICAR UG Maths-Prev.  Year Original Ques. (+Official key) (Click here)
  6. ICAR UG Biology Chapterwise- Previous Year Questions (Click here)
  7. ICAR AIEEA UG EXAM - BIOLOGY- Chapter Wise Tests (Click here)

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Test for ICAR AIEEA PG / JRF Exams

  1. ICAR JRF AGRONOMY-Prev.  Year Original Ques. (+Official key) (Click here)
  2. JRF Plant Sc-Previous Year Original Questions (Official key) (Click here)
  3. JRF-Horticulture-Previous Year Original Qs (+Official key) (Click here)
  4. JRF-Plant Biotech-Previous Year Original Questions(Practice) (Click here)
  5. ICAR JRF Soil  Sc - Prev.  Year Original Ques. (OfficialKey) (Click here)
  6. JRF-Entomology-Previous Year Original Qs (Official Key) (Click here)
  7. JRF Social Sc-Previous Year Original  Qs (Official Key) (Click here)
  8. JRF PLANT SC -  Model Test Ques. (For Practice) (Click here)
  9. ICAR JRF Agronomy Chapter Wise MCQs (For Practice) (Click here)
  10. ICARs JRF Gen Agri_Chapter Wise Class Test Qs (Practice) (Click here)
  11. JRF Entomology - All India Test Series 2020-21 (Click here)
  12. JRF HORTICULTURE- All India Test Series 2020-21 (Click here)
  13. JRF Plant Biotechnology - All India Test Series  2020 (Click here)
  14. JRF AGRONOMY - All India Final Test Series 2020-21 (Click here)
  15. JRF Soil Science-All India Test Series 2020-21 (Click here)
  16. JRF Social Sc- All India Test Series 2020-21 (Click here)
  17. JRF -Plant Science - All India Test Series  2020-21 (Click here)
  18. General Agriculture Objective MCQs (Practice) (Click here)
  19. Rajasthan Pre PG (M.Sc. Agri.Exam)_Previus Year Questions
  20. ICAR UG Chemistry- Chapterwise Test MCQs
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Test for ICAR AICE SRF Exams

  1. Soil Fertility MCQs for JRF, SRF, NET, PG PhD Entrance Exams (Click here)
  2. Weed Science MCQs for ICAR-JRF, SRF, NET, ADO (Click here)
  3. Genetics MCQs for ICAR JRF, SRF, NET BHU, other Exam (Click here)
  4. Plant Breeding Chapter wise MCQs (Practice) for JRF SRF NET (Click here)
  5. SRF Horticulture Previous Year Ques (For Practice) (Click here)
  6. Agricultural Engineering - MCQs (Practice) JRF SRF NET GATE (Click here)
  7. Agriculture Extension MCQS for JRF SRF NET ARS ADO (Click here)
  8. Agricultural Economics_Objectives / MCQ (Practice)
  9. Agricultural Microbiology_Objectives  / MCQs
  10. Agricultural Statistics_Objectives (100 MCQs)
  11. Agriculture Extension_Objectives (100 MCQs)
  12. Animal Husbandry_Objectives (100 MCQs)
  13. Agriculture Entomology_Objectives (100 MCQs)
  14. Environmental Science_Objectives (100 MCQs)
  15. Fisheries Science_Objectives / MCQs
  16. Plant Pathology _ Objectives / MCQs for JRF SRF NET MSc PhD
  17. कृषि  ज्ञान (Agriculture Knowledge)  टेस्ट (हिंदी में)
  18. Irrigation Water Management _ Topic wise Test MCQs
  19. Dryland Agriculture - Topic Wise Test MCQs

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Test for NET Exams

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Test for IBPS AFO Exams

  1. IBPS AFO Mains Exam Test Series (All India) (Click here)

  2. .
Test for Punjab ADO Exams

  1. Punjab ADO Original Previous-Year-Qs-Papers (for Practices) (Click here)

  2. .

Test for BHU Exams

  1. BHU MSc Agri Entrance Exam (Subject wise MCQs) (Click here)
  2. BHU Pre PG / MSc Agri Old Question Paper 2019 to 2012 (Click here)
  3. Plant Physiology Test MCQs for JRF, SRF, NET, PhD, BHU, ADO
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