World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2020: 

  • World Environment Day is celebrated since 1974. 
  • It is the "People's Day" to do something to take care of the earth and the environment. 
  • It is really important to know ways to protect the environment. 
  • World Environment Day is also known as Environment Day, Eco Day.
  • This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the environment and its effects on the daily life of the people.

World Environment Day 2020: Theme
The theme for the World Environment Day 2020 is "Biodiversity". 

  • According to the UN
    • it is a concern that is both urgent and existential. 
    • Biodiversity supports all life on land and below water or we can say it is the foundation that supports all this. 
    • Every aspect of human health is affected by it. 
    • It provides clean air, water, food, and is a source of medicines, etc. 
    • Human actions like deforestation, encroachment on wildlife habitats, intensified agriculture, and acceleration of global climate change, have disturbed nature and pushed it beyond its limit. 
    • According to the UN, it would take 1.6 Earths to meet the demands that humans make of nature every year. 
    • If this will continue,  it poses a huge biodiversity loss that will have severe implications for humanity as a result of the loss of food and health systems.
The theme for the World Environment Day 2019 was "Air Pollution".
  • Air pollution is increasing day by day and it seems complex to control it but nothing is impossible we should come together to combat it. 
  • And for this, it is necessary to understand different types of pollution, how it affects our health and environment will help us to steps towards improving the air around us.
Objectives of World Environment Day (behind celebrating)
  • World Environment Day is celebrated to spread awareness among common people about the issues of the environment.
  • Encourage common people from different society and communities to actively participate in the celebration as well as become an active agent in developing environmental safety measures.
  • Encourage people to make their nearby surroundings safe and clean to enjoy safer, cleaner and more prosperous future.