Topic : MINOR MILLETS/ Small millets (High energy, nutritious foods comparable to cereals )

Topic : MINOR MILLETS/ Small millets (High energy, nutritious foods comparable to cereals )

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Foxtail millet :: Setaria italica 
Little millet : Panicum sumatrense 
kodo millet : Paspalum scrobiculatum
Barnyard millet or sanwa millet : Echinochloa colona 
Proso millet or Cheena millet  : Panicum miliaceum 
  • Millets are one of the oldest food grains known to mankind
  • Rich in dietary fibre, iron, calcium and B vitamins 
  • Low in phytic acid 
  • As the millets are consumed by the poor
  • provide nutritional security {Source:}
  • Finger millet 
  • Ragi is rich in minerals especially calcium. 
  • It is also rich in fibre, phytate and tannin 
  • It contains B-vitamins but is poor in B2. 
  • Malting of finger millet is a traditional process followed in India