Topic : Major Disease of Wheat Crop ::Leaf Rust /Brown Rust

Topic : Major Disease of Wheat  Crop ::Leaf Rust /Brown Rust

  • Leaf Rust /Brown Rust: 

    • Causal Organism : Puccinia recondita {Asked in IBPS AFO 2015}
    • Symptom:  {Source:}
      • The postules are circular or slightly elliptical, smaller than those of stem rust and contain masses of orange-brown Urediospores
      • Infection sites primarily are found on the upper surfaces of leaves and leaf sheaths and occasionally on the neck and awn
    • Alternate host : Thalictrum sp. (Asked in JRF Plant Sc 2012 & BHU General Agriculture)
    • Management:
      • Mixed cropping with suitable crops.
      • Avoid excess dose of nitrogenous fertilizers.
      • Spray Zineb at 2.5 kg/ha or Propioconazole @ 0.1 %
      • Grow resistant varieties like PBW 550, PBW 17 {Source :}
    • Life Cycle : 

    {Source :}