Most Important Question of Mango for BHU/ ICAR PG -JRF/SRF/IBPS AFO

Most Important Question of Mango for BHU/ ICAR PG -JRF/SRF/IBPS AFO 
  1. Most popular variety of North India : Dashehari
  2. Sweetest variety of mango : Chausa 
  3. Good processing quality : Kesar
  4. Most Ideal for long transport : Neelum
  5. Most popular variety of mango susceptible to spongy tissue: Alphonso
  • Most Important Point Of Mango
  • National fruit of India/king of fruits
    • Botanical Name : Mangifera indica
    • Family : Anacardiaceae
    • Origin: Indo-Burma region (Asked in IBPS AFO 2014)


  • Mango (Mangifera indica), the king of fruits, is grown in India for over 400 years. 

  • India shares about 56% of total mango production in the world. {Asked in IBPS AFO 2013 and BHU GA}
  • Mango malformation was first observed in 1891 in Bihar. {Asked in in JRF Plant sc 2018}}
  • Pollinator-house fly 
  • India contributes 54 % of total mango-production in the world.

  • About 39% of world mango are produced in India.
  • Highest productivity in the World : Venezuela
  • North Indian varieties : Alternate Bearer, monoembryonic, self'incompatible
  • South Indian varieties : Regular bearer; powembryonic
  • Mango Hybrid Varieties : {BHU/ ICAR PG -JRF/SRF/IBPS AFO }