Composite Fish Culture: Liming in Ponds [Asked in IBPS AFO 2017, 2018]

Liming in Fishery Ponds :
The soils/ tanks which are acidic in nature are less productive than alkaline ponds. Lime is used to bring the pH to the desired level. In addition lime also has the following effects -
a) Increases the pH.
b) Acts as buffer and avoids fluctuations of pH.
c) It increases the resistance of soil to parasites.
d) Its toxic effect kills the parasites; and
e) It hastens organic decomposition. (Source:
The normal doses of the lime desired ranges from 200 to 250 Kg/ha. However, the actual
dose has to be calculated based on pH of the soil and water as follows :

The pond is required to be filled with rain water or water from other sources after liming in case it is a new pond.