Multiple uses of Agroforestry for Combating Climate Change { Can be asked in IBPS AFO, NABARD, JRF, BHU, SRF }

Multiple uses of Agroforestry Ranging from Additional Income to Farmers to Carbon Sequestration for Combating Climate Change Highlighted

Agroforestry could contribute to stepping up supply of raw material to industry to reduce import dependency in some crucial commodities. The earlier notion of agroforestry meaning only timber species needs to have a relook from farmers and industry point of view. Timber trees have long maturity period and hence delays returns to the farmers. Whereas there are number of rising sectors which would ensure quick returns to farmers as well as fulfill industry requirements, including medicinal and aromatic plants, silk, lac, paper and pulp, tree borne oil seeds for production of bio-fuels, etc.India became the first country in the world to formulate a National Agroforestry Policy in 2014. As a follow up, the Sub Mission for Agroforestry was launched in 2015 to assist the States in encouraging farmers to adopt tree planting along with crops.  Agro climatic z…

Budget 2020-21 For Strengthening Agriculture, Farmers And Rural India {[Can be asked in IBPS AFO, NABARD, JRF, BHU, SRF]}

Budget For Strengthening Agriculture, Farmers And Rural India
In budget 2020-21 a clear blueprint is presented for ensuring the overall growth of the agriculture sector, improving the economic condition of the farmers and all-round development of rural India.Ease of living has been underlined in the budget in the form of three major subjects (1) agriculture, irrigation and rural development (2) wellness, water and sanitation and (3) education and skills.By improving the conditions of agriculture and farmers, not only standard of living of 70% of the population can be transformed, but the dream of ‘New India’ can also be realized.
Budget Announcements:

1. Agriculture
The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj are brought under one umbrella so that concrete policies and strategies can be implemented keeping their inter-linkages at the core. A 16-point action plan has been introduced for agriculture, irrigation and rural development. A provision of Rs. 2.83 lakh crore…

Area and Production of different Horticulture Crops (Second Advance Estimates of 2019-20) {[Can be asked in IBPS AFO, NABARD, JRF, BHU, SRF]}

 Area and Production of differentHorticulture Crops (Second Advance Estimates of 2019-20)

Horticulture "the science and technique of production, processing and merchandising of fruits, spices, vegetables, flowers,plantations,aromatic  and medicinal crops".The major areas of horticulture include Arboriculture is the study of trees.Turf management includes all production and maintenance of turf grass for sports use. Floriculture is study of flower cultivation.Landscape horticulture includes the production, marketing and maintenance of landscape plants. Olericulture is study of vegetables cultivation. Pomology is study of fruits cultivation. Viticulture  is study of grapes cultivation.Oenology includes all aspects of wine and winemaking. Post-harvest physiology includes maintaining the quality and prevent the spoilage of plants and animals.Second Advance Estimates of 2019-20 of Area and Production of different Horticulture Crops  released by Department of Agriculture, Cooperatio…

World Food Prize 2020 (Ask in JRF / SRF / IBPS AFO / NABARD Exam)